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The Sonex Lens and Lens Mounting Kits are Here!

The Sonex lens and lens mounting kits are here!

We now have the Sonex pre-formed acrylic lens and lens mounting retainers for the Fresh Aero TLR Light and are on our shopping cart now.

These lens mount with just two retainers, top and bottom and mate accurately with the wing leading edge profile. The one piece retainers are precision machined with threaded holes for easy screw mounting. The screws heads are small and low profile for a great streamlined look.

The detailed step by step manual and templates will guide you easily through the entire leading edge cut-out and lens install process.

The lens kits include everything you'll need to mount the lens - the lens, retainers, screws and foam seal. The manual outlines what you'll need to cut the lens opening.

At only 32 dollars, we're confident you'll be very pleased with these Sonex Lens kits.
Click here to go to the TLR Light and Lens Kit Page on our web site

The RV and other lens kits will follow soon. Please contact us for more information.

Bob at Fresh Aero

We Now Have the Long Awaited Cessna Tie down Eye bolts on our Shopping Cart!

We've finished prototyping and testing and have begun fabrication of the long awaited Cessna stainless steel tiedown eyebolts. And they're on our shopping cart now!


These eyebolts have the same eye dimensions, strength and quality as the eyebolts listed above but are fabricated with the long shanks needed for the Cessna 150/152, Skyhawk and other Cessnas.


The 5/16 inch shanks are 2 1/8 inches overall with a 1 5/8 inch grip and 1/2 inch long 516-24 thread at the end of the shank - just like the original Cessna hardware.


These forged 316 stainless steel eyebolts have the same or higher load strength as the original Cessna eyebolts and they look absolutely great - and even better on your Cessna.


They do cost more than our other stainless eyebolts because they cost considerably more to fabricate.


We'll post more photos depicting these eyebolts on Cessna aircraft soon. 


Click here for more information and thanks for waiting.

LED "Flicker" in Aircraft

LEDs have many advantages in aircraft. Price, efficiency, longevity, quality of light - the list goes on and on. But that's already been said, so let's discuss one possible downside. 

If there is a downside to LEDs, it's that they are very sensitive to voltage fluctuations. You seldom notice small voltage fluctuations in incandescent bulbs because their filaments react relatively slowly to changes in voltage due to  relatively slow filament heating and cooling and hence brightness levels.


LEDs are quick "on or off" devices that react quickly to any change in voltage - even small changes. There's no gradual reduction or increase in brightness when LEDs "see" a voltage spike or drop - it's either at one level or another. That's why you see LEDs flicker with voltage fluctuations and you don't perceive the flicker with incandescent bulbs.


If you're experiencing LED "flicker", here are some possible "fixes". 


The first thing I would look at is the voltage regulator. If you still have an original regulator, it might not be "smoothing out" the alternator output properly. It might be time for a replacement. Voltage regulator technology has improved significantly and the newer regulators do a great job in delivering a smooth and consistent voltage output.


Also check all the wiring and connectors from your battery and alternator to the input of the LEDs for corrosion, fraying, abrasion, shorting and security.


Of course, your alternator, with its diode circuitry, is also suspect but I would look at the less expensive components first.

I hope this helps if you're experiencing LED Flicker


From Fresh Aero - Stainless Steel Tiedown Eye Bolts for Grumman & Van's RV Aircraft

We don't send many marketing emails because we know what a pain it can be to be bombarded with ads. The only time you'll hear from us is when we introduce a new product or announce a product price reduction. Also, we never share your email address with anyone.

That being said, we’re now offering great looking polished stainless steel tiedown eye bolts for Grumman AA-1 and AA-5 aircraft - and for Van’s RV aircraft too.

Thread size is 5/16-24 for Grumman aircraft and 3/8-16 for RV’s – these eye bolts will fit perfectly.

They are certified by the American Iron and Steel Institute and are have the same load rating as the eye bolts Grumman owners are currently using. A wide tapered shoulder assures a great looking blended fit.

Brightly polished solid stainless steel. They shine like chrome but will never flake or loose their brilliance, even when you tie down with steel chain.

Made from 316 stainless steel, these eyebolts will never tarnish or corrode and will last the life of your plane.


Grumman eye bolts are $10.50 each and the RV eye bolts are $7.50 each (we cut the threads on the Grumman eye bolts in our shop - that’s why they cost more). You'll need 3 for the complete set.

Please go to www.freshaero/eyeboltdetail.html for more information and thanks again for your continued support.

The AYA Grumman Convention at St. Simons Island, GA

We'll the AYA Grumman convention at St. Simons Island has come and gone -- and we had a blast!

The weather was decent, albeit hot - and spirits were high. We touched base with previous friends and met many more. We sold a few products too.

Our polished stainless steel tiedown eye bolts and EasyBrow Lights were a hit, as well as the newly designed Easy Lights and Easy Light options.

The new Easy Light features the LED goose lights mounted on the sides of one low profile box. This replaces the two box design with the goose necks mounted on the bottom of the boxes. With this new design, the goose lights can be stored flat against the canopy ceiling and don't protrude down into the entry space.

Crew and passengers won't bump into the goose lights when entering and exiting the the aircraft and the lights can be pulled down into position when needed. This much cleaner, lower profile design will look great on the ceiling of your canopy.

A new backup battery option for the Easy Light provides reliable panel and chart lighting if the main aircraft power is lost. this option uses a replaceable AA size lithium battery that lasts 8-10 years and provides panel and chart lighting that far exceeds the time in your fuel tanks. The lighting can be dimmed too - which increases backup time. (Note: the battery back-up light below has a slightly higher profile than our standard Easy Lights due to the battery holder)

We've also introduced a new 9 LED dome Easy Light with the forward Easy Light gooseneck or as an option with our other Easy Lights. This new dome light is really bright and will light your entire cabin like it's never been lit before. It's at least 10 times brighter than your existing overhead dome light and consumes less power.

Another great lighting innovation is our new EasyFuel Gauge Light. This light mounts directly above the fuel gauges on the AA-5 Series Grummans with existing screws and just plugs into the center bayonet light socket in the eye brow. An adaptor is available that allows you to use the existing center bulb with the EasyFuel Light.

We'll get these new designs on our web site soon, but the photos below should help to describe them in the interim.

I'll be back shortly to discuss a few other topics. But, for now, we're really busy fulfilling orders generated at the convention. Thanks for reading, Bob at Fresh Aero

The AYA Convention and What's new in Powder Coating

Hello fellow aviators,

Well, it's been hectic here. We're building up products for the AYA Grumman Convention in St Simons Island in Georgia in addition to filling current orders and that's the excuse I'm giving for my delinquency in not updating this blog. I know -- I need to get better at providing updates.

I'll try a new strategy in the future. I'll take short notes on the day to day happenings around here and then share some of the more interesting ones with you on this blog. There's a lot to talk about but, if I don't write it down as it happens, I loose the train of thought because we quickly move on to the next pressing issue. That's the plan anyway.

On to Powder Coating

Did you know that we provide quality powder coating on just about any metal part -- and at decent prides too. The selection of colors and textures is absolutely overwhelming! We hope to get these colors on our web site soon.

We've coated Lycoming valve covers with some really stunning colors and they look great if you want to show off your engine. The cost for a basic base coat (any color) and a heavy clear coat is about 15 dollars per cover. We hope to offer a valve cover exchange program in the future. Just pick a color and texture and we'll have a replacement set ready to ship to you when you send us your covers.

Please call us for a quote for other parts you would like powder coated. We're confident you'll be very pleased the the results.

I'll wrap it up for for now. So till next time, Bob at Fresh aero

It's been a while but we've been busy!

I apologize for not keeping this blog up to date but we've really been busy this year fulfilling customer orders -- and our customers come first!

We do have several new products flowing from the pipeline.

Our stainless steel tiedown eye bolts for Grumman and RV aircraft are selling well and it's been tough to keep our EasyBrow Lights in stock due to the demand. The blue EasyBrow Lights are currently out of stock but we should have them by the end of February.

We're introducing several new products at the AYA convention at St. Simmon's Island in Georgia this May.

They include:

1.  A newly designed Easy Light with the LED goose lights mounted on the sides of one low profile box. This replaces the two box design with the goose necks mounted on the bottom of the boxes. With this new design, the goose lights are stored flat against the canopy ceiling and don't protrude down into the entry space.

Crew and passengers won't bump into the goose lights when entering and exiting the the aircraft and the lights can be pulled down into position when everyone is seated.  

2.  A new backup battery option for the Easy Light that will provide reliable panel and chart lighting if the main aircraft power is lost.

3.  A battery operated EasyBrow Light that will provide supplemental stand alone panel lighting without a connection to the aircraft power bus. This light will also function as a backup lighting source. The battery operated EasyBrow Light can be used with a small battery pack offered by Fresh Aero or an expired (but still juicy) ELT battery removed from a Narco ELT.

We may have a few more goodies to demonstrate too -- if we have the time to develop them.

So there you have it. These are some of our current projects and this is part of the reason I haven't been more vigilant in posting to this blog.

More to come soon! Bob


We've got Stainless Steel Tiedown Eyebolts and We're Close on our Sonex Nav Lights

Hello Aviators,

We've just introduced great looking polished stainless steel tiedown eyebolts for Grummman and Van's RV aircraft.  (They will fit many other aircraft too. Just call us for more information) These eyebolts shine like chrome, will never rust and are just beautiful. They weigh only 2 ounces each and have the same strength as the original eyebolts on these aircraft.

We have these eyebolts on our shopping cart now. Please check them out at There's a photo and link on the home page and you can find them on the "Grumman, RV & Sonex" page too. 

On the Sonex front, we've almost completed our test phase on our new 3 in 1 LED wing tip nav lights for Sonex aircraft and they are performing admirably. We've done vibration, moisture ingression, durability, electrical and other tests and are very pleased with the performance of these lights.

These great looking lights have an intergraded base that is specifically profiled for Sonex aircraft so the nav light is parallel with the wing plane -- no extra "adaptor" mounts to purchase. Look for these nav lights (with photos) on our web site in the very near future. Pricing will be very competitive too -- a high quality 3 in 1 wingtip LED nav lighting system with profiled mounts specifically for Sonex aircraft for under $400.  -- for everything. Please contact us if you have any questions.

We've got several other projects in the works and we'll report on them in the near future, so please stand by.

Bob at Fresh Aero

The Sonex Fly-in in Crossville, TN was a blast!

We recently returned from the Sonex Fly-in in Crossville, TN and what a blast it was. The weather was sunny and severe clear for the entire weekend. Pristine Sonex aircraft were lined up on the ramp for a photo shoot and sparkled like those colorful metallic wrapped confections at a candy store. They looked great! 

We soaked up the scenery and camaraderie like a sponge. The Sonex gang is a great group with great planes and we appreciate  being a part of it.

We connected with old friends and met tons of new friends. It's good to talk airplanes, especially Sonex airplanes, and we enjoyed some serious hangar flying.

Ang and I want to thank all those who stopped by our table to talk and of course, to purchased some of our stuff. We appreciate it. The prototyping and testing on our Sonex wingtip tri LED nav lights should wrap up in about a month and we'll keep you in the loop. On a related note, we're looking for a few beta testers in the Middle Tennessee area. So, if you live in Middle TN and are interested in purchasing these nav lights at a reduced price, please contact us at

Thanks again to the Sonex gang for a great experience, Bob

What a great time at the 2010 AYA Grumman Convention in Dayton, OH!

I know this is a little late, but I wanted to say what a great time we had at the AYA Grumman Convention this July. Ang and I were only able to attend for two days but we jammed quite a bit into those days. The rain didn't seem to dampen spirits much. We visited with old friends and met many new people. And yes, we sold a few products too.

The Grumman people are really a great bunch and we really soaked up that camaraderie. We especially enjoyed the ice cream social on Tuesday evening.

A big thanks goes out to Roscoe and all the Grumman people involved in making this convention happen every year. We appreciate it and look forward to AYA 2011.

The photos depict one of our EasyLifts supporting a Grumman undergoing an annual inspection by the great A&P team, Bill and Carol Scott. Thanks for purchasing one of our EasyLifts Bill and Carol. We appreciate it.


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